Your question: Can I buy WoW token without subscription?

That’s still true, but the developer has come up with a new plan for introducing non-subscription-based options into the massively multiplayer online game. … Other players can purchase WoW Tokens off the auction house with in-game gold. Once purchased, they can be redeemed for 30 days of game time.

How can I buy WoW tokens without gold subscription?

I’ve spend the last 30 minutes trying to figure this out, HOW?!?! Login as usual, on the character selection screen you will get a “Reactivate Now with Gold” dialog box with a button saying “Add 30 days for nnnnn gold” with the current price. Click it and you’re done.

How do I buy a WoW Token?

Log in to World of Warcraft and head to the in-game Shop after you enter the game world and purchase a WoW Token for real money. Put it up for sale in the Auction House and wait for your auction to complete!

Can I buy WoW Token with balance?

I Want Game Time or Balance

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To purchase a WoW Token for Game Time or Balance, select WoW Token while browsing the in-game Auction House. … You can choose to redeem your Token for 30 days of Game Time or $15 of Balance.

Can you only buy one WoW Token?

You can only have one type of WoW Token at a time. … You can have a maximum of 20 WoW Tokens purchased for real money at a time. If you have 20, you must put one for sale on the Auction House before you can buy another one. You can buy a maximum of 20 WoW Tokens every 7 days.

How can I buy WoW game time without subscription?

If you do not want to set up a subscription for World of Warcraft, you can buy 60 days of Game Time on our Shop. You can use Balance to pay.

How can I get free WoW time?

How can I get my game time? To receive your free WoW Game Time, all you have to do is sign up for an account on Idle-Empire, answer a few paid surveys, watch videos, or complete offers and quickly redeem your earned points for a WoW Game Card.

Can I use WoW token on an inactive account?

If the player’s account is currently inactive, they can redeem a Token through the character select screen. If the player does not possess any Tokens, they can purchase one directly from the character select screen for the current market price, with the gold deducted evenly from all characters on the selected server.

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Can you get banned for buying WoW gold?

Jagex prohibits real world trading, the advantages a player can get from buying rs gold, can be disadvantages for Jagex. … In general, when you’re buying Runescape gold there’s a little to almost no risk of getting banned, or any other punishment, especially when you avoid buying huge amounts at once.

How much does WoW token cost?

Obtaining WoW Token via the In-Game Shop with Cash

You will have the option to “Buy Now” and preview the current auction value. The WoW Token costs $20 on US servers and €20 on EU servers. This price will not change over time.

Did Blizzard stop selling WoW tokens?

“Based on this, we have decided to alter the available Game Time options in the Blizzard Shop. … Blizzard does point out that subscription and WoW Token prices are unchanged, and that any already purchased game time will remain valid.

Can u gift a WoW token?

Unfortunately, there is no way gift Blizzard Balance using your WoW gold. Once you purchase a WoW token, you can only redeem it for your account. You can’t transfer the balance between accounts or use it to gift Blizzard Balance to someone else.

Can I use Blizzard balance for WoW subscription?

It is not possible to pay a recurring subscription with Balance, but you can use Balance to buy digital game time. Digital game time can be purchased in the Shop and works similarly to prepaid game cards — payment is not recurring. Digital game time can also be gifted.

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How much gold are WoW tokens worth?

According to wowtoken prices, a website that tracks the gold value of wow tokens, a $20 token will bring you a net worth of more than $200000 in gold. That means a dollar is worth about 10000 gold. Meanwhile, according to Google, a dollar is about 69900 bolivars.

Will WoW tokens be in classic?

WoW Tokens are not available for sale or purchase in World of Warcraft Classic. … If you’ve run out of game time but you have a Token in a character’s inventory, you’ll be able to consume that Token from the character select screen and refresh your game time on any WoW game account connected to your account.