What is OneKey token used for?

We understand that there are many overseas Singaporeans who use the OneKey token. We urge existing OneKey token users to switch to the SingPass Mobile app by March 2021. The app allows users to access services by verifying with their fingerprint, face recognition or an easy-to-remember user-determined passcode.

How can I change my Singpass token to SMS?

If you have a locally-registered mobile number (starting with +65) you may also register for SMS 2FA on Singpass Portal. To use SMS 2FA, simply log in with your Singpass ID and password, followed by a One-Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS to your mobile phone.

What is the purpose of Singpass?

Singpass is every Singapore resident’s trusted digital identity for easy and secure access to over 1,700 government and private sector services online and in person. Users can log in to digital services, prove their identity over counters, digitally sign documents and do more with the improved Singpass.

Is OneKey token still in use?

As announced in March this year, the OneKey token will be discontinued from 1 April 2021, due to low usage of the token combined with availability of alternative two-factor authentication (2FA) methods.

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Can I access Singpass overseas?

With Singpass app, overseas users no longer need to wait for SMS One-Time Passwords (OTPs) to come through. They can simply use their mobile phone to log in to digital services with their fingerprint (for selected smartphones), face (for selected smartphones), or 6-digit passcode.

Can I have Singpass on 2 phones?

Can I install the Singpass app on multiple devices? Singpass app can only be installed on one mobile device at a time.

How do I get Singpass for my parents?

Visit SingPass online portal. Click ‘Register for Singpass’ button. Enter all the required details and complete the registration. Once registered successfully, you will receive the postal on the registered overseas address within 10 working days.

How can I access Singpass without mobile?

With SingPass Face Verification, users can log in by entering their SingPass ID and password, followed by scanning their face on an Internet-enabled computer with a web camera, or a mobile device with a front-facing camera.

Does Singpass password expire?

If you have not logged into your Singpass account for a prolonged period of time, your account will be listed as dormant. This is part of the security measures in place to protect users’ account and personal data. To re-instate your account, simply visit Singpass Portal and reset your Singpass password.

How can I use Singpass without mobile?

This allows users who do not have a mobile phone to log into the SingPass system without the help of a third party. And they do so by using an Internet-enabled computer with a web camera, webcam for short.

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How does Singpass ID look like?

If you are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, your Singpass ID is your NRIC (e.g. S1234567X) by default. For Personalised Employment/Employment/Dependant/S-Pass & Work Permit holders, your Singpass ID is your Foreign Identification Number, FIN (e.g. F1234567X or G1234567Z).

Who has access to Singpass?

To be eligible for SingPass: You must be a citizen of Singapore and be a permanent resident. Your must not be less than 15 years old. You are a pass holder (employment pass, EnrePass, Dependent Pass, S-Pass, LTV Pass Plus).

Who can register Singpass?

Before you register for a Singpass account, please complete these two steps:

  • Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident.
  • Employment Pass and Personalised Employment Pass holders.
  • EntrePass holders.
  • S-Pass holders.
  • Dependant Pass holders (of EP, PEP, EntrePass and S-Pass holders)
  • Long Term Visit Pass-Plus (LTVP+) holders.