What does a small token of appreciation mean?

A token of appreciation is a small act of kindness that shows gratitude. In our everyday lives, receiving a thank you card from a friend for attending a wedding or helping them move is a small token of appreciation that highlights that your friend is thankful.

How do you use small token of appreciation?

Training for volunteers enhances the quality of their contribution and provides a small token of appreciation for their contribution. Mr President, please treat this as a small token of appreciation for your excellent work. This small token of appreciation made the sailors feel good about New York.

What does a little token mean?

something that you do, or a thing that you give someone, that expresses your feelings or intentions, although it might have little practical effect: As a token of our gratitude for all that you have done, we would like you to accept this small gift. It doesn’t have to be a big present – it’s just a token.

How do you use token of appreciation in a sentence?

I continued to give guards small tokens of my appreciation. As a token of our appreciation, we will be sending you some vegan-chocolate seals. Sometimes she even gave me an outfit as a token of her appreciation. They had bought sweetmeats and other food as a token of their appreciation.

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How much money is a token of a appreciation?

1.2. 1 A non-monetary gift, no greater than $20.00 in value (before taxes), may be given as a token of appreciation.

How do you say thank you for a token of appreciation?

Be sure to convey their presence was a present.

  1. Thank you for celebrating this milestone with us.
  2. We’re so happy to have you in our lives to celebrate our Big Day.
  3. Thank you for being part of our joyous day.
  4. We’re touched beyond words by your generous gift.
  5. Thank you for being here on our journey.

What does it mean when a person is called a token?

DEFINITIONS1. someone who is included in a group to make people believe that the group is trying to be fair and include all types of people when this is not really true. Synonyms and related words. Equal rights. human rights.

What does a token of affection mean?

When you give someone a flower or a friendship bracelet or something symbolic of the way you feel about them, you’re giving them a token of your affection. A token is not only something sentimental (like a keepsake) or symbolic (like your friendship bracelet).

What is a token of love?

noun. a gift that is symbolic of a love relationship.

How do you write a token of appreciation?

Give a few specific details. You could include things that the person did that were especially useful, or give an example of how the person went above and beyond. Details show the person you’re corresponding with that you were paying attention to their efforts. End the letter with a closing line and your signature.

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What is a good word for appreciation?


  • account,
  • admiration,
  • esteem,
  • estimation,
  • favor,
  • regard,
  • respect.

What is a token of remembrance?

Noun. Some object given by a person and retained in memory of something or someone. keepsake.

How do you say thank you after a speech?

Include your gratitude and how much it means to you with these alternative phrases.

  1. “Thank you for finding the words.” …
  2. “Thank you for helping me through this grief.” …
  3. “Thank you for making me smile during this sad time.” …
  4. “Thank you for your beautiful words.” …
  5. “I appreciate your help during this tough time.”

How do you say thank you for your continued support?

Consider using these alternatives

  1. “I appreciate everything you do to continue to support our efforts.” Pros: This phrase has a warm and genuine tone. …
  2. ”Your continued support makes our work possible.” …
  3. ”We are grateful for your continued support.” …
  4. ”Thank you for all of your help.” …
  5. ”Thank you in advance for your support.”