Question: How do I find my User Id in lightning component?

You need to call the $A. get(“$SObjectType.CurrentUser.Id”) , to get the User Id in the Lightning JS Controller.

How do you get the current user Id in lightning component?

Current User Id in LWC (Lightning Web Component)

To get the current User Id in LWC, we need to import @salesforce/user/Id scoped module which will return the current user Id. Then we can user this userId property to display it on UI.

How do I find my salesforce user Id lightning?

How do I find my Salesforce User ID?

  1. Open Cirrus Insight Settings (wrench icon on the blue menu bar).
  2. Choose Account Information from the menu on the left.
  3. Locate your Salesforce User ID in the UserId field. …
  4. Perform a search in Salesforce for the affected user’s name.

How do I find the current user Id in Apex?

You can use userinfo class in apex to obtain the information related to logged in user. You can get Id using userinfo. getUserId() and if userinfo class is not able to provide info use query to query those fields . Hope this helps you.

How do I find my apex user Id?

You can get the current user id like this. UserInfo. getUserId() which returns the user id of the current user.

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How do I find my salesforce user Id?

Obtaining the ID

Salesforce Profile IDs can be obtained from the Salesforce URL address associated with an individual profile. To locate this number, go to “Setup” followed by “Manage Users” and “Profiles.” From here, click the desired profile to load it. If you look in the URL address, you should find the code.

How do I find user Id in Salesforce?

You may not know what your Salesforce User ID is upon being asked this question, but you can find it out by completing the following steps:

  1. Sign into Salesforce.
  2. Using the top search bar, type in your name (or the name of the person who is requesting access to Artesian), then click on the relevant person in the results.

How do I find the record id for Apex?

apexpages. currentpage(). getparameters(). get(‘id’) can be used to get current record id or other url parameters in apex code.

What is UserInfo in Salesforce?

UserInfo class contains methods to get the LoggedIn User or Context User information. getUserId() Method – return the current user Id. Id currentUserId = UserInfo. … Theme here means whether user is using Salesforce Classic or Lightning theme, using this you can identify current theme and do some business requirement.