Question: How do I checkout with TraceTogether token?

How to check out using your TraceTogether token. You will need to present your TraceTogether token’s QR code to a staff member who is manning the check out station. Once your QR code has been scanned, it will be registered that you have checked out of that location.

Do you need to tap out TraceTogether token?

We would like to explain that for TraceTogether Token, similar to SafeEntry with NRIC, check-out is encouraged but not mandatory. We understand that some businesses and venues do not provide check-out options at their exits.

How do I use the new TraceTogether token?

How does the TraceTogether Token work and what are its features? Upon collection, the Token will be activated and registered in the user’s name, and no further action is required from the user. Please ensure that you always bring your own Token with you wherever you go.

Do you need to check out with TraceTogether app?

Check-out is not mandatory. There is no need to check out for users who check in using the SEGW or via the scanning of TT Token QR code. TT App users who check in using the venue’s QR code may continue to check out on their TT App after leaving the venue.

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How do I check in with TraceTogether?

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  2. Open your. TraceTogether App. in the foreground. …
  3. Bring your phone. to within 1-25cm. …
  4. turn on Bluetooth. FOR TRACETOGETHER TOKEN USERS.
  5. Face the Token. QR code away. …
  6. Blinking. green light. …
  7. has not run out of. battery. …
  8. Bring your token. to within 1-25cm.

Is Check out compulsory?

While checking out is encouraged as it will provide contact tracers with more accurate and granular data, it is not mandatory.

How do I check out with SafeEntry gateway?

Check-out is not mandatory. However, if the venue provides a check-out scanner, or has a SEGW App or SEGW Box that is configured to do check out, you may scan your TT device to check out.

How does a token work?

A token is a device that employs an encrypted key for which the encryption algorithm—the method of generating an encrypted password—is known to a network’s authentication server. There are both software and hardware tokens.

Where can I use TraceTogether token?

TraceTogether Token vending machines are available at 108 CCs and selected malls for the public to replace their Tokens. You can also return your old or unused Tokens at the vending machines or at selected CCs.

How does SG token work?

Like the App, the Token only captures proximity data via Bluetooth technology and does not capture GPS / geolocation data. … The Ministry of Health will approach you to upload your data if it’s needed for contact tracing. The Token is designed to be convenient, light and easy to use.

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How do I checkout with TraceTogether app?

How to check out using your TraceTogether app. When you want to check out of a venue in your TraceTogether app, you’ll need to find the venue’s name under the ‘SafeEntry check in’ section. After clicking ‘Check out’, you will be provided with a ‘SafeEntry check out’ pass which you can show as proof of you checking out.

What happens if you forget to check out?

Usually, the front desk will call the room after check-out time to remind the guest of checkout times. If they get no answer, then a front desk agent or a housekeeper is sent to the room to see if the guest has left or not.

Can I use TraceTogether app instead of token?

The TraceTogether app is able to replace the token, as both of them serve the same function. The app would be more convenient if you already have a smartphone.

Does TraceTogether drain battery?

The app uses about 1MB of data in a day, which is equivalent to the data used by watching 1 second of a high definition movie, and consumes only marginally more battery than phones that already have Bluetooth enabled.

How do you activate tokens on TraceTogether?

Users do not need to press any buttons or switches to activate it. It has a green light that blinks every minute to indicate it is working properly. If the token is faulty or has run out of battery, a red light will blink. Users may call 6973 6511 or email for help.

How do I check my family safety entry?

Members of the public can check-in by using their TraceTogether app to scan the venue’s QR code, displaying their TraceTogether token for venue staff members to scan, or tapping their app or token at a SafeEntry Gateway device.

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