How do I update my phone number on Apple ID?

How do I change my mobile number on my Apple ID?

Change your Apple ID to a different mobile phone number

  1. Sign out of every Apple service and device that uses your Apple ID.
  2. Go to and sign in.
  3. In the Sign-In and Security section, click Apple ID.
  4. Enter the mobile phone number that you want to use as your Apple ID, then select Change Apple ID.

How do I remove an old phone number from my Apple ID?

There are two ways to do this:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Select your Apple ID and tap Sign Out. …
  2. If the phone number that you want to remove belongs to an iPhone that you can’t access, change your Apple ID password. This removes all phone numbers from your iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.

Why is my phone number not attached to my Apple ID?

First, make sure your phone number is shown in Settings/General/About. Go to Settings/Facetime, tap on your Apple ID and log out. Then log in again and turn on Facetime. You don’t get to enter your phone number; it automatically registers when Facetime/iMessage is activated.

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How do I add a valid phone number to my Apple ID?

In the Sign-In and Security section, click Apple ID. Enter the mobile phone number you want to use as your Apple ID, then select Change Apple ID. A verification code will be sent to you on that number. Enter the verification code from the text into the fields provided.

Can a phone number be on 2 Apple IDS?

No you can’t have 2 Apple ID’s with same phone number. Even if you try creating the 2nd Apple ID with same number that of the 1st ID it shows the number is already in use.

How do I enter a valid mobile number?

Program to check valid mobile number

  1. The first digit should contain number between 7 to 9.
  2. The rest 9 digit can contain any number between 0 to 9.
  3. The mobile number can have 11 digits also by including 0 at the starting.
  4. The mobile number can be of 12 digits also by including 91 at the starting.

Why does it say my number isn’t valid?

The telephone number you have dialed does not map to a phone that receives calls. You might have dialed an invalid area code. Or you might have dialed a wrong number. Or, if you’re returning a call on your mobile phone, they spoofed the number so what you see isn’t actually a receiving number.