How do I unlock my Authenticator?

How do you unlock the Authenticator app?


  1. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app.
  2. Tap the app’s menu button ( ≡ at the top-left for iOS, or ⋮ at the top-right for Android)
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. On the Settings page, scroll down to the Security section.
  5. Tap the On/Off switch next to App Lock to disable this feature.

Why is Authenticator app locked?

A: App Lock helps keep your one-time verification codes, app information, and app settings more secure. When App Lock is enabled, you’ll be asked to authenticate using your device PIN or biometric every time you open Authenticator. … By default, App Lock is turned on when you set up a PIN or biometric on your device.

What do I do if my Microsoft authenticator is locked?

However, when app lock is enabled, you will have to launch the app (on iOS) or launch a dialog (on Android) before you can click approve/deny, and you’ll also need to provide an additional PIN/bio gesture to successfully authenticate.

How do you unlock the Authenticator app on iphone?

Open the Authenticator App on your cell phone. 3. Enter the 6-digit code from the app into the Validation Screen shown below: Page 4 Unlocking Users using the Authenticator App 3 4. Enter a new password for your user.

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How do I reset my Microsoft authenticator password?

Reset your password using a code from your authenticator app

  1. Select Enter a code from my authenticator app, and then select Send Notification.
  2. Open your authenticator app, type the verification code for your account into the box, and then select Next.
  3. Type and confirm your new password, and then select Finish.

Why is my Authenticator app not working?

If Google Authenticator app is not working, either on Android or iPhone, there may be a problem with the time sync. … All you have to do is make sure your Google Authenticator app’s time is synced correctly. Launch the app, tap the Menu button (three dots), and go to Settings > Time Correction for Codes > Sync now.