How do I find my data section ID?

To find it, start scrolling upwards on that HTML column.

How do I find my Squarespace data section ID?

To find the ID of a page section on your Squarespace website just right click on the background of section that you want select and click on ‘inspect element’ from the drop down menu. each page section ID will have a different code where X is shown.

How do I know my block ID?

How to find a Block ID

  1. Open up your web inspector.
  2. Activate the selection tool.
  3. Click on a block.
  4. In the HTML, look for and id where they value starts with the word “block”, id=”block-…”

How do I find the image ID of a block in Squarespace?

Basically, it’s an extension that (when you click on the ICON) displays the collection and block IDs on Squarespace pages (for custom CSS purposes) so you don’t have to dig through the source code to find them. Simply click on the ID overlay buttons and it will automatically copy the ID to your clipboard!

How do I find CSS in Squarespace?

In the Home menu, click Design, then click Custom CSS. To open the editor in an expandable window, click Open in Window. The window will close if you navigate away from the Custom CSS panel. Add your code.

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How do I embed HTML in Squarespace?

Add Custom HTML to Squarespace website

  1. Select a page you want to Edit.
  2. Click on “+” sign OR click on the line bubble to add a Block.
  3. Choose the Code block underneath the More section.
  4. Remove the default code Squarespace puts into its Code block.
  5. Insert the HTML code you want to add.
  6. Click the Apply button.

How do you target a section in CSS?

CSS Selectors

  1. Tag. Selecting an element by its HTML tag is the most obvious way. …
  2. Combinators. Using combinators is an effective way to refine tag selectors. …
  3. ID. Adding an ID attribute to an HTML element is a common way for CSS to target it. …
  4. Class. …
  5. Attributes. …
  6. Substring Matching. …
  7. Psuedo-Classes.

Can you hide a section in squarespace?

Grab the ID of the Section you want to hide with the extension and place it instead of section[data-section-id=“YOUR-SECTION-ID-HIDE-FROM-MOBILE”]. Grab the ID of the Section you want to show on mobile devices only and paste it instead of section[data-section-id=“YOUR-SECTION-ID-HIDE-FROM-DESKTOP”].

How do I add a section in Squarespace?

You add blocks (sections) to the pages themselves, text or image, or gallery blocks, so to add a section to a page edit the page by clicking on the title of it, then choose edit page content then you add sections by clicking the tear dot and choosing a block from the menu.

How do I add sections to a page in Squarespace?

Add and edit sections

To get started editing sections, go to the page, then click Edit in the top-left of the page preview. Hover over a section to review its options: To add a section, click Add Section.

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How do I merge sections in Squarespace?

Squarespace Scheduling and Acuity Scheduling have merged Help Centers.

Move collection items

  1. In the Home menu, click Pages.
  2. In the pages panel, click the page containing the content you’re moving.
  3. Press and hold Shift and click the item or items you want to move.
  4. In the action bar at the bottom of the panel, click Move.