How do I create a Google Analytics 4 User ID?

How do I create a Google Analytics User-ID?

User-ID data can appear only in a dedicated User-ID view.

  1. Click Create.
  2. Enter a Reporting View Name. You might want to include the term “User-ID” in the name to help you remember that this is a special User-ID view.
  3. Select a Reporting Time Zone.
  4. Under Show User-ID Reports, set the switch to ON.
  5. Click Create.

How do I activate Google Analytics 4?

GA4 Setup Assistant wizard

  1. In Google Analytics, click. …
  2. In the Account column, make sure that your desired account is selected. …
  3. In the Property column, select the Universal Analytics property that currently collects data for your website.
  4. In the Property column, click GA4 Setup Assistant.

What is User-ID in GA4?

A customer-generated ID used to differentiate between users and unify user events in reporting and exploration.

Does Google Analytics show User-ID?

A User-ID view is only available to Universal Analytics properties in which User-ID is enabled, and if User-ID is implemented correctly in your tracking code and you otherwise maintain a technical configuration that can support this feature.

How do you create a User-ID?

Follow these tips to create a strong User ID:

  1. Use a combination of letters and numbers (e.g., jim14my or my2dog5is)
  2. Use a word you can remember, but replace some of the letters with numbers. (e.g., s1cr1t)
  3. Must not look like an account number or your Social Security Number.
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What is create a Google Analytics 4 property?

When you click GA4 Setup Assistant, you create a Google Analytics 4 property that collects data alongside your existing Universal Analytics property. Your Universal Analytics property is left unchanged and continues to collect data — you can always access it via the property selector or Admin screen.

How do I set up Google Analytics 4 in Google Tag Manager?

The Google Analytics 4 Configuration tag

  1. Click Tags > New.
  2. Click Tag Configuration.
  3. Select Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration.
  4. Enter your measurement ID. …
  5. Optional: Add any parameters you’d like to configure in Fields to Set. …
  6. Optional: Add any custom user properties that you’d like to configure in User Properties.

Is Google Analytics 4 free?

There’s no cost to have tags running on your website or apps, and Analytics 360 customers will not be double-charged for Google Analytics 4 hits, though eventually there will be an Analytics 360 version with increased functionality and/or limits.

What is Google Analytics ID?

Google Analytics’ tracking code (or ID) is a unique identifier that allows Google Analytics to collect data when inserted into a website. This data includes the time users spend on a webpage, search terms used, and how they came to the site. … You’ll then need to set up a property to link the website with your account.

What is Google Analytics client ID?

What is the Client ID in Google Analytics? The Client ID (cid) is a unique identifier for a browser–device pair that helps Google Analytics link user actions on a site. By default, Google Analytics determines unique users using this parameter.

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Where can I find user ID?

To retrieve your User ID and Password, you can use the `Forgot Password` feature, follow these steps:

  • Go to the website and click on Login.
  • On the login pop-up click on the `Forgot Password` link.
  • Enter your registered Email ID.
  • You will receive list of all User IDs linked with the Email ID.

Is User ID and Client ID same?

The User ID has the same objective as the Client ID: to identify visitors on your site. However, it aims to recognise users across different browsers and devices, by giving each of them unique IDs. By default, Google Analytics will only have the Client ID set up.