How do I change my child’s Apple ID on Family Sharing?

Can I change my child’s Apple ID?

Go to Settings > iCloud > Family, and tap “Create an Apple ID for a child.” 2. Enter your child’s birthday and tap Next. The birthday for a child’s account can’t be changed after the account is created. Be sure to enter the correct date.

How do I remove a child’s Apple ID from Family Sharing?

Go to Settings. Tap your name, then tap Family Sharing. Tap the name of the family member that you want to remove. Tap Remove [your family member’s name] From Family.

How do I manage my child’s Apple ID?

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and tap Screen Time.
  2. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions and enter your Screen Time passcode.
  3. Tap Content Restrictions, then tap Web Content.
  4. Choose Unrestricted Access, Limit Adult Websites, or Allowed Websites Only.

Does changing Apple ID affect Family Sharing?

When you change the Apple ID that you use for Family Sharing, your family members can’t access or download purchases from your previous account. They also can’t use any DRM-protected music, movies, TV shows, books, apps, or in-app purchases that they previously downloaded from that account.

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How do I change my child’s birthday in family sharing?

How do I change my child’s birthday on family sharing?

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Tap Name, Phone Numbers, Email.
  3. Enter your Apple ID password.
  4. Tap Change Birthday or Birthday.
  5. Update your birth date tap Done.

How do I remove a child under 13 from Family Sharing?

Remove a supervised child

  1. Go to
  2. Select the child you want to remove.
  3. Select Account info. Remove member. You may need to enter your password.
  4. Select Remove.

How do I delete a child under 13 from Family Sharing?

You can’t remove a child under 13 years old from your family group, but you can move them to another group or delete their account.

If the child is already in your family

  1. Children under 13 can’t be removed from a family group. …
  2. Does the child use Apple Card Family or Apple Cash Family?

Why can’t I remove child from Family Sharing?

When you add a child under 13 to Family Sharing, you can’t delete them, but you can transfer them to another Family Sharing group. To do that, the organizer of another Family Sharing group needs to invite the child to join their group.

Should I give my child their own Apple ID?

Everyone should have their own Apple ID, so don’t share your Apple ID with your child. If your child uses your Apple ID, your child will have access to all your personal content, including text messages and photos. … If your child already has an Apple ID, they should keep using it.

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Can I track my child’s iPhone?

If your child has an iPhone, you can easily find their location using the built-in ‘Find my iPhone’ feature. … To track your child’s location, visit from your browser and enter the Apple ID credentials of the child’s iPhone.

How do I delete Family Sharing?


  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open Google One .
  2. At the top, tap Settings.
  3. Tap Manage family settings. Manage family group.
  4. At the top right, tap More Delete family group. Delete.

Can I be in 2 Apple Family Sharing?

No. You can only belong to one family group. In order to create or join another, you would need to first leave your current family group, and you can only switch family groups once per year.

How do I separate two devices with the same Apple ID?

Sign in with a different Apple ID to create your new account. Choose Merge to upload your data. Once you are on separate accounts, you can each go to and delete the other person’s data from your account.

Can you be part of two Apple families?

Answer: A: Answer: A: An account cannot be part of 2 Family Groups at the same time. If you need for both of you to be able to track him, one of you can use the Find My Phone App directly on their own device and sign in with the child’s Apple ID to track the device.