Frequent question: How do I get certified authentication and verification?

Go to your university or school registrar and request for a certified true copy/ies of your scholastic records (credentials, TOR, and diploma). The cost varies per school so you better ask your school about the fees.

What is the requirements for Cav?

Requirements for CAV

  • Diploma (Original) with (2) Certified True Copy. Transcript of Records/ Form 137-E with (2) Certified True Copy. Certification of Graduation from School. Certification of Graduation from DepEd Division Office. …
  • Authorization Letter (Special power of Attorney) ID of applicant and proxy with Xerox copy.

How do I get Cav from CHED 2021?


  2. LETTER OF CONFIRMATION from the School Registrar (Original copy)
  3. DIPLOMA (2 Xerox copies duly certified by the School Registrar)
  4. TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS (2 Xerox copies duly certified by the School Registrar)

How long does Cav processing take?

2.4 The CHEDRO releases the CHED CAV to the Registrar or LO within three (3) working days upon receipt of the application; 6.4. 2.5 For other purposes such as local employment and POEA application for Seafarers Registration Certificate (SRC), the applicant shall receive and submit the same to the concerned agency.

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What is certification authentication and verification?

The Certification, Authentication, and Verification (CAV) refers to the official and formal processes and acts of checking, reviewing and certifying to the genuineness and veracity of available academic records of a learner duly performed by the either the Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education, or …

Where can I authenticate a Cav?

How to process CAV certificates? Go to your authorized government agency (CHED, DEpEd, TESDA) and submit the listed requirements. The Regional Offices of the agencies will serve your CAV applications/requests. Make sure to keep the receipts and other documents issued to you for claiming your documents.

How do I authenticate a transcript of records in the Philippines?

Here are the steps that you have to follow:

  1. Prepare three photocopied sets of your Transcript of Records.
  2. Have your University or College Registrar’s Office certify them as true copies from the original.
  3. Fill in the Authentication Registration Form and other pertinent forms that the Registrar’s Office will give you.

How do I authenticate school credentials DFA?

How To Authenticate Documents in DFA: 5 Easy Steps.

  1. Set an appointment with the DFA Consular Office that offers authentication services.
  2. Fill out the DFA Authentication application form.
  3. Submit documents to the Processing Window.
  4. Pay the DFA Authentication fee.
  5. Claim your authenticated document/s.

Is CHED under government?

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED; Filipino: Komisyon sa Mas Mataas na Edukasyon or Komisyon sa Lalong Mataas na Edukasyon) is a Philippine government agency attached to the Office of the President of the Philippines for administrative purposes.

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How do I make an appointment for DFA authentication?

Those who would like to apply for authentication of their documents will need to schedule an appointment via e-mail at Alternatively, applicants may wish to avail of a courier service for the authentication of their documents.

Do authenticated documents expire?

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) website, authenticated documents with DFA red ribbon are valid for only 5 years.

How do I authenticate a document?

To be authenticated, your document must be an original document bearing a recognized signature (and seal, if applicable). Authentication proves that the signature and the seal on the document are genuine. In other countries, authentication is also known as legalization or apostille.

How do I authenticate a certificate of employment?

Certificates of Employment should be attachment only to an executed Affidavit of Employment, should be duly notarized by a notary public, and should be brought to the Regional Trial Court (RTC) and to the DFA for authentication.

How much is Cav?

The Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) program is for drivers of qualifying vehicles that meet specified emissions standards set by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in partnership with the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Currently, the fee for a CAV decal is $22.

How do I claim Cav in DFA?

Present your valid government-issued ID (original and photocopy) together with the documents to the processor for assessment. Pay corresponding fees to the Cashier. Bring your original valid government-issued ID and the official receipt to claim the document on the scheduled date and time of release.

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How do I get an apostille in the Philippines?

Requirements in getting an Apostille for your Philippine Documents

  1. Authentication Form – you can print this ahead or get it at the DFA Office.
  2. Original and Photocopy of your ID – the person contacting the DFA.
  3. Digitized Government Issued ID – with signature.