Do Modern Warfare double XP tokens work in Cold War?

Both MW and BOCW Tokens can be used in Warzone, but they can’t be shared across the two main Call of Duty titles. … By following this trick, you can use all your saved up Modern Warfare XP Tokens in Black Ops Cold War.

Do double XP tokens work in Cold War?

Once you are in the COD Warzone or COD Black Ops Cold War menu, you must activate the double experience token. The time remaining in one of the two games will be shown below. When you have activated the double XP token, launch COD Vanguard and head to multiplayer.

Will Modern Warfare XP tokens work in Cold War?

How to use Modern Warfare tokens in Black Ops Cold War. Activision Despite claims to the contrary, MW- XP tokens seem to be usable within Black Ops Cold War. … Of course, this should go without saying, but you’ll need tokens that you specifically earned in Modern Warfare or Warzone (prior to BOCW’s integration).

Do Warzone XP tokens work on Cold War?

Call of Duty PSA: You Can Use Your Cold War & Warzone Double XP Tokens In Vanguard. … All those Double XP Tokens you’ve still got laying around from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War? They’re not useless after all. You can use those Double XP Tokens and start earning more Weapon XP in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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Can I use double XP token on double XP weekend?

Using tokens during a double XP weekend is the perfect opportunity to earn four times the normal amount of XP. Prior to jumping into a multiplayer game or dropping into Verdansk, activate a double XP token to double the amount of XP on top the double XP already live and reach the maximum Officer rank in no time at all.

Why cant I use my XP tokens in Modern Warfare?

The likely reason behind these being disabled is that the new seasonal update also added new levels for players to gain and new weapons for them to upgrade — which would have been affected by the 2XP tokens. Which might have made progress a little quicker to earn than Treyarch and Activision had originally intended.

Do Cold War XP tokens work for Vanguard?

XP Token do actually work in Vanguard. They don’t show up as if they were working so you will need to set a timer on your phone. It helps a ton with weapon grinding!

Whats better Vanguard or Cold War?

It’s safe to say that Vanguard is the better game compared to Black Ops Cold War. … The campaign is a pulse-pounding romp, telling engaging war stories that make you care for the characters, whereas Cold War became exhausting after a while. Also, there’s no collectables.

Is Vanguard double XP?

Max double XP is now live in Call of Duty: Vanguard, offering players increased XP gains across the board.

Do Cod double XP tokens stack?

If you want to level up your weapons quickly, Double Weapon XP tokens currently stack on top of the active Double Weapon XP in Plunder mode in Warzone Pacific. … If you want to level up your weapons quickly, Double Weapon XP tokens currently stack on top of the active Double Weapon XP in Plunder mode in Warzone Pacific.

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Do double XP tokens count for battle pass?

Finally, it’s worth flagging that double XP doesn’t appear to affect your battle pass progression at all. You earn some of these bonuses through activating the battle pass itself, so there’s no advantage for players who have bought the premium track of the battle pass system.