Can you do real ID online?

If PennDOT confirms that your documents are on file, you can order your REAL ID online — no need to visit a driver’s license center!

Can you get real IDs online?

1, only driver’s licenses and state IDs that meet Real ID requirements will be accepted for boarding commercial flights. … Travelers who don’t have a Real ID will need credentials such as a U.S. passport or military ID.

Do you need an appointment for REAL ID NJ?

You can schedule an appointment to get your REAL ID now, or you can wait until you wish to renew your license.

How much does REAL ID cost in PA?

For additional information on REAL ID documentation requirements and to download our printable document checklist, visit and click “Document Checklist.” How much does a REAL ID cost, and when will it expire? You will pay a onetime fee of $30, plus applicable renewal fee(s).

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Can I get a PA REAL ID when I renew my drivers license?

You certainly are welcome to get a REAL ID, but since your passport is sufficient identification to board a domestic commercial flight or enter a secure federal building after October 1, 2020, we recommend you wait until your license or ID card comes up for normal renewal and avoid the initial rush.

How can I get ID online?

How to apply for a Smart ID online

  1. Step 1: Go on to the e-Home Affairs website and register. …
  2. Step 2: You will receive an OTP (one-time pin) to confirm your cellphone number. …
  3. Step 3: You will receive another OTP to login to your profile.
  4. Step 4: Complete your application form for a smart ID card.

How much is a REAL ID?

Normal driver’s license and ID card fees apply. There is no additional cost for a REAL ID-compliant license or ID card when a person renews normally.

Can you buy NJ ID online?

Real IDs are required by Oct. 1, 2021. Applicants can go to and enter their zip code to see which available agency is closest to them and make an appointment.

How much does REAL ID cost in NJ?

“REAL ID is available as a dedicated appointment at, but the customer also can obtain a REAL ID if they bring the required documents to a license renewal appointment.” A standard NJ license/ID costs $24 and a REAL ID costs $35, Connolly said.

Can I renew my NJ Real ID online?

A Real ID license can be renewed online as well. … Transactions that have to be completed in person include commercial driver’s license transactions, out-of-state transfers, new permits, initial registrations and getting a Real ID.

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How long does it take to get a REAL ID in PA?

Visit any PennDOT Driver License Center to have your documents verified and imaged, and receive your REAL ID within 15 business days.

Can I get a REAL ID at AAA in PA?

While AAA East Central branch offices are not REAL ID centers, AAA Travel Agents are on hand to discuss any questions members or the general public may have about the program. Additionally, travelers can consult PennDOT’s website with any questions regarding REAL ID.

Can you fly without a REAL ID?

Starting May 3, 2023, every traveler will need to present a REAL ID-compliant license or an acceptable form of identification to fly within the U.S. Passengers who do not present an acceptable form of identification will not be permitted through the security checkpoint.

What happens if you don’t have a REAL ID by 2020?

Beginning October 1, 2020, to enter certain federal facilities, like a nuclear power plant or a U.S. military base: A standard driver’s license or state ID card without a Real ID star will not be accepted.. A standard driver’s license or state ID with a Real ID star will be accepted.

How do I pay for REAL ID in PA?

All PennDOT Driver License Centers and the Riverfront Office Center Customer Counter accept debit and credit cards. All of PennDOT’s Driver License Centers accept debit or credit cards, checks or money orders as forms of payment, but no cash.

Is REAL ID mandatory in PA?

REAL ID is optional in Pennsylvania. There is no requirement that any resident obtain a REAL ID; the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation continues to offer standard-issue driver’s licenses and photo IDs.

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