Best answer: Do token copies have devotion MTG?

A token copy of a card will have the same mana cost as the original, and count the same for devotion. Note that this also means that token copies do also have the same CMC as whatever they are copying, not necessarily zero.

Do token copies contribute to devotion?

Normally tokens don’t contribute devotion because they have no mana cost, but tokens that are copies of an actual card will have a mana cost.

Do copies have devotion?

Yes. Each of the Pack Rat copies will have a mana cost of 1B, which counts for devotion to black. Most tokens (like Elspeth’s Soldier tokens) don’t have a mana cost because the effect creating them doesn’t specify one.

Does a token copy have a CMC?

Mana cost (and, consequently, converted mana cost) is a property that gets copied, so the token copy has the same mana cost as whatever it’s copying. Generally, tokens have a converted mana cost of 0 because they do not have a mana cost.

Do token copies have abilities?

Token copies enter the battlefield and trigger any relevant abilities. They also trigger any dies or leaves the battlefield triggers when they die, though once in the graveyard they stop existing they still hit the graveyard to trigger those abilities. The token has the abilities of what it copies.

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Do Scute swarm tokens have CMC?

Scute Swarm copies retain the CMC of the original Scute Swarm. Their mana cost is NOT zero.

Do tokens have summoning sickness?

When it’s your turn, since you’ve controlled the tokens since the beginning of your turn, they do not have summoning sickness.

How do Copies work with devotion?

Do Copies of Cards Add to Your Devotion? Yes, copies add to your devotion as long as the card specifies that the copies have the mana cost as the original.

Do tokens go to the graveyard?

A: Tokens go to the graveyard as regular creatures, and are removed as a “state-based effect” when a player gets priority again. They stay in the graveyard long enough to trigger abilities, like the one of Soulcatchers’ Aerie, before they are removed.

Do clones copy mana cost?

The Clone is a colorless 2/2 creature with no name, no types, no abilities, and no mana cost.

Are tokens considered 0 mana?

The reason I’ve used the word “object” instead of “card” so far is because tokens also have mana values. As I mentioned, mana values are based on an object’s mana cost. Tokens therefore typically have a mana value of 0, as most of them don’t have mana costs. … The copy will also copy the mana cost of the original.

Do all tokens have CMC 0?

Almost all tokens have a CMC of 0, so a newly played Ratchet Bomb can immediately kill them. The exception is tokens that are copies of creatures (via Rite of Replication or Cackling Counterpart, for instance). These tokens will have the same CMC as the creature they’re copying.

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Are tokens permanents?

A card or token becomes a permanent as it enters the battlefield and it stops being a permanent as it’s moved to another zone by an effect or rule.

Do token copies trigger ETBS?

Yes. Creating a token is that token entering the Battlefield. It will trigger appropriate abilities.

Does becoming a copy trigger ETB?

You are correct that a clone copying a creature with an ETB like shriekmaw will trigger the ETB. Clone and its freinds go seemless from a clone spell on the stack to copy of whatever you chose to copy as it resolves and enters the battlefield so the game sees the chosen creature ETB.

Does copying get ETB effects?

If i clone a creature with a spell such as the recently revealed [[altered ego]], if the cloned creature has any ETB triggers, will they trigger? Yes etb triggers happen, as it enters the battlefield as the creature. Thanks! Clone doesn’t target, you choose the creature it is copying, as it resolves.