When should you provide the backup reinforcer in a token system?

When using a token economy What do you need to consider about the backup reinforcer?

The reinforcers used in a token economy must be those that are above and beyond the individual’s needs and rights” (Miltenberger, 1997, pp.

How are backup reinforcers used?

A backup reinforcer is a reward in exchange for earned tokens (associated with a token economy reward system). This is used in behavior modification; for instance, a patient who practices good hygiene is given a chip as a token of his adaptive behavior.

What is a backup reinforcer?

in behavior modification, a reward given to a client or patient in return for tokens he or she has earned.

Are tokens back up reinforcers?

A token economy is one of many reinforcement options. A token economy works much the same way as the world economy. An individual earns tokens by completing tasks or displaying desired behaviors. The tokens are then exchanged for something of value to the individual (known as a backup reinforcer).

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When should you use a token economy?

Simply put, a token economy is a system used in behavior modification to provide positive reinforcement to a child. It is designed to teach them what behaviors are desired and which are not. Token economies are used as a method of strengthening a behavior or increasing its frequency.

What are the necessary elements of a token economy?

One effective method of reinforcement is the use of “token economies.” Token economies have three major components: 1) a behavior or behaviors someone needs to exhibit; 2) tokens or points earned for engaging in those behaviors; and 3) exchanging tokens or points for a choice of reinforcing rewards.

What is a backup reinforcer quizlet?

3) A backup reinforcer is a reinforcer on which a conditioned reinforcer is based. In a token system it is a reinforcer for which tokens can be exchanged in order to maintain their reinforcing power. For example, at the end of a poker game, poker chips can be exchanged for money.

How are back up reinforcers obtained in a token economy quizlet?

Delivered to a person immediately after a desirable behaviors, accumulated by the person, and later exchanged for backup reinforcer. … Only obtained by paying for them with tokens., tokens can only be obtained by exhibiting desirable behaviors.

Why is it important for behaviors that are targeted for token?

Why is it important to establish target behaviors in a token system? To know what behaviors an individual must display to receive a token. … They are resistant to satiation and individuals becoming bored because of the variety of back-up reinforcers that can be used.

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What type of procedure is a token economy system?

What type of procedure is a token economy system? Both an antecedent modification and consequence manipulation procedure.

What is an example of a primary reinforcer?

Primary reinforcers are reinforcers that have innate reinforcing qualities. These kinds of reinforcers are not learned. Water, food, sleep, shelter, sex, and touch, among others, are primary reinforcers. Pleasure is also a primary reinforcer.

What is a generalized reinforcer?

Generalized reinforcers are secondary reinforcers paired with more that one primary reinforcer. Affection is an example of a generalized reinforcer. It has been paired with sexual contact, and obtaining resources such as warmth and protection (Nye, 1992).

When initially introducing a token economy one should?

Selecting a Menu of Backup Reinforcers:

Establishing a Ratio of Exchange: When initially implementing the token economy the ratio between the number of tokens earned and the price of backup items should be small to provide immediate success for learners.

How do you use a token system?

Here’s how to create your token economy system:

  1. Break the day down into smaller chunks of time. …
  2. Choose up to three behaviors to address at one time. …
  3. Create an appealing reward menu with a variety of items. …
  4. Frame the desired behaviors in a positive way. …
  5. Physically hand a token to your child whenever he earns one.

How does a token become a conditioned reinforcer?

Terms in this set (7) A token is something delivered to a person immediately after a desirable behavior, accumulated by the person, and later exchanged for backup reinforcers. … A token becomes a generalized reinforcer because it is given right after the desirable behavior along with praise or other reinforcers.

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