What is the difference between word and token?

is that word is the fact or action of speaking, as opposed to writing or to action while token is something serving as an expression of something else; sign, symbol.

Are words tokens?

There are two types of tokens: words and nonwords. Corpora contain more tokens than words. Spaces are not tokens. A text is divided into tokens by a tool called atokenizer which is often specific for each language.

What is token in simple words?

Definition of token

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a piece resembling a coin issued for use (as for fare on a bus) by a particular group on specified terms. b : a piece resembling a coin issued as money by some person or body other than a de jure government.

What is the example of token?

The definition of a token is a sign, symbol or a piece of stamped metal used instead of currency. An example of a token is someone giving their friend a “best friends” necklace. An example of a token is what someone would use to play video games at an arcade.

What are types of token?

Tokens are the smallest elements of a program, which are meaningful to the compiler. The following are the types of tokens: Keywords, Identifiers, Constant, Strings, Operators, etc.

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Is token countable?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Technologyto‧ken1 /ˈtəʊkən $ ˈtoʊ-/ ●○○ noun [countable] 1 a round piece of metal that you use instead of money in some machines2 formal something that represents a feeling, fact, event etca token of your gratitude/respect/appreciation etc Please accept …

What is token and keyword?

C Tokens in C language are the smallest units in a program. A keyword is reserved words by language. … An identifier is used to identify elements of a program.

What is a token in a password?

For security reasons, passwords are never sent out across the Internet. Instead a token will be sent to your email instead. A token is a one-time generated link that contains numbers and letters that’ll allow you to reset your password. It cannot be reused and is only valid for seven days.

What is the synonym of token?

symbol, sign, emblem, badge, representation, indication, mark, index, manifestation, expression, pledge, demonstration, recognition. evidence, attestation, proof. 2’he kept the menu as a token of their golden wedding’ memento, souvenir, keepsake, reminder, record, trophy, relic, remembrance, memorial.

What is a token symbol?

The symbol of the token contract is the symbol by which the token contract should be known, for example “MYT”. It is broadly equivalent to a stock ticker, and although it has no restriction on its size it is usually 3 or 4 characters in length.

What is the meaning of token of myself?

(b) These ‘tokens of myself’ are the love and affection of the animals towards the poet. (c) The main point here is the difference between humans and animals. (d) The poet wonders how the animals got those tokens of love and affection.

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Which one is not token?

Answer: statements is not a token.

What are the three types of tokens?

Right now there are three main token types: utility, commodity and security. Each of them have their own regulation, levels of scrutiny, complexities to them and a lot of cool examples coming out.

What type of token is true?

Boolean literals have just two values: True or False. Remember that you cannot use them as identifiers.