What is Entrust IdentityGuard soft token?

How do you use Entrust soft tokens?

Certificate Services Support

  1. Open the Entrust Identity Guard Mobile application. …
  2. On the initial screen, press the gear icon circled in red to open the settings screen.
  3. On the Settings page press on the soft token identity that you want to reactivate.

What is an Entrust token?


One-time password (OTP) tokens provide your organization with a secure and stable authentication solution that authenticates users for only one login session or transaction.

How does entrust IdentityGuard work?

Entrust IdentityGuard supports push notifications to mobile devices alert users of a pending transaction. This helps quickly notify users of potential fraud. Entrust’s easy‑to‑use SDK helps organizations create customized mobile authentication applications tailored to the requirements of a specific environment.

How do I download entrust IdentityGuard desktop soft token?

Download and install Entrust IdentityGuard for Mobile or Soft Token application. Select the link that corresponds to your device. The Apple link takes you to the App Store to download the application.

How do you unlock entrust soft tokens?

Launch Entrust IdentityGuard Soft Token App from your desktop PC or handheld device where you installed the application. 15. Enter the unlock code that was generated from the Self-Administration portal to unlock the Entrust IdentityGuard Soft Token application and click Unlock button to continue: 16.

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How do I configure entrust IdentityGuard?

How to Configure Entrust IdentityGuard Authentication

  1. Configure the RADIUS server. Open the Management System > ACCESS CONTROL > Configuration page. …
  2. Create an authentication scheme. Go to the Manage System > ACCESS CONTROL > Authentication Schemes page. …
  3. Test the IdentityGuard authentication.

How do I set up Entrust on a new phone?

Getting Entrust derived credentials on an Android device

Launch the PIV-D Entrust app. If prompted, enter the secure apps passcode. NOTE: If the app opens to the screen for entering the Entrust activation passcode, close the keyboard and tap the Scan QR code button in the lower right-hand corner.

What is Entrust app used for?

The Entrust Identity application allows you to create identities and activate unique one time passcode soft token applications for use with different organizations that use the Entrust Identity IAM platforms for strong authentication.

How do I create an Entrust account?

Instructions to enroll for Entrust Identity Soft Token for Windows:

  1. Use the following URL to download and install Entrust Identity Soft Token for Windows: https://www.entrust.com/resources/identity-and-access-management/support/entrust-identity-app.
  2. Select “Desktop” from the list.