Quick Answer: How do I get Deimos son tokens?

What is the fastest way to get Father tokens in Warframe?

There are currently 3 ways of obtaining Father Tokens:

  1. Trading resources from the Cambion Drift with Father.
  2. Finding them in the Cambion Drift.
  3. Trading resources with Grandmother.

Where do you get son tokens in Warframe?

There are currently 4 ways of obtaining Son Tokens:

  • Trading Tags with Son under the Capture Deimos Wildlife option.
  • Finding them in the Cambion Drift.
  • Donating a Maxed or Gilded Predasites and Vulpaphyla companion.
  • Trading random assortment of Cambion Drift resources under the Mend the Family option with Grandmother.

What are daughter tokens for?

Father Tokens are exchanged from resources found in the Cambion Drift. Daughter Tokens are exchanged from cut fish parts found in the Cambion Drift. Son Tokens are exchanged from preservation tags from animals found in the Cambion Drift. Otak Tokens are exchanged from minerals mined in the Cambion Drift.

Where can I buy Sun cryptocurrency?

If you would like to know where to buy Sun (New), the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Sun (New) stock are currently Binance, OKX, FTX, Huobi Global, and Mandala Exchange.

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How do you use mother tokens?

Use. Entrati Standing. They can also be traded into Grandmother Tokens. Mother Tokens were used to purchase event-exclusive items from the Nights of Naberus event.

What does Sun token do?

The System awards user with the SUN token, which is the primary value of the ecosystem and the payment method for all transactions within it. User has ownership over his data. User can publish, change or delete data at any time and can assign data as private, public or free.

How do you get otak standing?

You can earn the following tokens by taking part in activities on Deimos.

  1. Otak Tokens – exchange gems and alloys obtained through mining for these tokens – 100 Standing.
  2. Mother Tokens – completing bounties for Mother – 100 Standing (this is by far the best Token to spend on upping your Standing)

How do I get Father tokens?

Father Tokens can be obtained in a number of ways in Warframe.

  1. Trade resources to Father at the Necralisk on Deimos. …
  2. Trading resource with Grandmother at the Necalisk on Deimos.
  3. Finding them while playing on the Cambion Drift.

How do you farm mother tokens in Warframe?

All you need to do is visit the Necralisk, talk to Mother in the central hall, and then click on the Bounties option. This will give you a choice of Bounties to complete, all of which will reward you with different amounts of Mother Token, depending on the difficulty.

How do pharaohs get Predasites?

You can find Predasites wandering around on the Cambion Drift open-world area. If you search near the edges of the map you can find them traveling in packs, often fighting Infested creatures. You can use a Tranq Rifle to put them to sleep, then interact with them to have Son send out a robot and whisk them away.

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How do you capture Medjay Predasite?

When you get to the nest, use the Predasite Pheremone Gland before using the Echo Lure. This will increase the chances of a Medjay Predasite spawning. Use the Echo Decoy, then repeat the Predasite call and return to the Tranq Rifle. When the animal shows up, strike twice with the Tranq rifle.

Where do Medjay Predasites spawn?

In Warframe, you will need Medjay Predasite Tags to rank up with the Entrati Syndicate. To get them, you will need to engage in some animal conservation on the Cambion Drift on Deimos.