Quick Answer: Can tokens get persist?

Tokens can gain persist, and the ability will trigger if a token dies. However, like all tokens, it can’t return to the battlefield and will cease to exist as a state-based action before the ability would go on the stack.

Is a token a permanent?

A card or token becomes a permanent as it enters the battlefield and it stops being a permanent as it’s moved to another zone by an effect or rule.

Can tokens come back from exile?

No, tokens that leave play in any way (graveyard, hand, or exile) cease to exist though they will trigger “put into a graveyard” abilities.

Do tokens leave the battlefield?

Yes. Tokens do leave the battlefield before they vanish.

Can tokens die?

Yes they do go to the graveyard but they cease to exist immediately after doing so. So they trigger things like Blood Artist but because they cease to exist they can’t be brought back with Immortal Servitude or anything like that.

Do tokens get summoning sickness?

You said it’s an instant that creates tokens. If the spell is cast anytime before that player’s turn, then when it becomes that player’s turn, since the tokens have been under his or her control since the beginning of the turn, they do not suffer summoning sickness.

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Do tokens have a color?

Yes, they’re white. The effect that creates tokens will specify what color they are.

Do tokens enter the battlefield?

A token is a marker used to represent any permanent that isn’t represented by a card. 111.2. The player who creates a token is its owner. The token enters the battlefield under that player’s control.

Are token creatures considered creatures?

Yes, that 2/2 zombie token will count as a creature entering the battlefield. Most tokens are creatures, but either way, it’s written on the card that produces the token. If you take hive stirrings for instance, it specifically says: Put two 1/1 colorless Sliver creature tokens onto the battlefield.

Do tokens count towards devotion?

The only way for a token to contribute towards devotion is if the token has a converted mana cost (i.e. see Pack Rat). Fyi, most tokens don’t have a cmc. Yup, tokens only have CMC if they’re copies of a real card.

Can tokens come back from graveyard?

You will never find “Return target creature card or token from your graveyard to the battlefield.” for two reasons: Even if there was a token was in the graveyard when targets were chosen, it would have ceased to exists by the time the spell or ability resolved.

Does sacrificing a token count as dying?

Yes you can . Dying is a keyword that means going from the battlefield to the graveyard. This includes sacrifice.

What happens when you phase out a token?

Tokens continue to exist on the battlefield while phased out. Counters remain on a permanent while it’s phased out. Effects that check a phased-in permanent’s history won’t treat the phasing event as having caused the permanent to leave or enter the battlefield or its controller’s control.

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Do tokens dying trigger Syr Konrad?

It will trigger when the token dies, but a token is not a card, and that part of the ability only triggers if a creature card leaves your graveyard.

Do treasures go to graveyard?

Therefore, even though the artifact tokens, technically, remain in the graveyard until state-based actions remove them (C.R. 704.5d), the ability doesn’t care how long they remain there.

Do tokens dying trigger graveyard effects?

Yes. A creature did die (that is, went from the battlefield to the graveyard). The fact that the token ceases to exist doesn’t matter to those abilities. Keep in mind that tokens are not cards, so an ability that refers to cards specifically (Bloodchief Ascension for example) won’t trigger from tokens dying.