Question: What is my student ID number UC Berkeley?

Your student ID is located on the CalCentral profile page. Click on your name in the top right corner. Select “Profile” to view your assigned ten-digit student ID number.

How do I find my UC Berkeley student ID number?

Your Berkeley College Student ID is the 8-Digit number on the FRONT of your Berkeley College ID. You can also find this number from the Student Self-Service portal. To access Self-Service: Go to

How do I get my UC Berkeley UID?

To locate a user’s CalNetUID:

  1. Navigate to the UC Berkeley Campus Directory.
  2. Fill in / change the fields as follows: Search On: Last Name, First Name. …
  3. Click on the Search button.
  4. Click on the applicable name. …
  5. Locate the Details for: header at the top.
  6. To the right, (UID : ########) should be visible.

What is UID Berkeley?

UID – Unique ID.

Where can I find my CalNet ID?

Your CalNet ID is your username used with your CalNet passphrase, to log into many web-based campus services. For most users, your CalNet ID matches the handle of your campus email address.

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How do I find my UC ID number?

The UCID is your student identification number. The UCID is a nine–character identifier. All UCIDs begin with the letter “M” followed by eight numbers (for example, “M00345678”). Your UCID may have a zero (“0”) as one of its characters but it will never have the letter “O” as in “Ohio”.

How do I find my California State Student ID number?

A: You will have the 10 digit SSID only if you attended a California public high school. Otherwise leave this question blank. You can find your SSID on your high school transcripts or you can call your high school.

What is UC Berkeley email address?

bMail (the Berkeley brand for Gmail) is the campus-wide email service for current students, faculty, staff and eligible affiliates, which provides email addresses. bMail integrates with other G Suite applications including bDrive and bCal and can be accessed via the web or mobile app .

How many students are at UC Berkeley?

Go to and enter your UCPath ID number. Follow the steps to claim an account: Instructions on how to create your CalNet ID. Your CalNet ID will be your email address, so choose wisely!

How do I change my CalNet ID?

You can change your CalNet ID using the tool at: . Find instructions online at:

How do I set up my Berkeley email?

Step 1: Launch the Gmail app, go to “Settings”, and click “Add Account”. Step 2: Select “Google”. Step 3: Enter your full “” email address. Step 4: Agree to the Terms & Conditions.

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How do I access my Berkeley email?

Open a browser on your device. Go to Login using your CalNet ID and passphrase.