Question: How do I use my GTBank Token for Internet Banking?

You only need to activate your token once and then you can continue to use it forever for your Guaranty Trust Bank online banking as long as you don’t misplace it. To use your token, you only need to press the button on it to generate a unique code each time you want to complete an online transfer.

How can I use GTB token online?

How to Get a Security Token

  1. Click here to download the form now.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Drop the completed form at any of our branches.
  4. Pick up token immediately from the same branch.

How do I use my GTB token code?

Bulk SMS in Nigeria

  1. Dial *737*7# with the phone number that is attached to your GTBank account.
  2. Enter your bank account number.
  3. Now, key in the last 6 digits of your GTBank MasterCard. A token code that you must use before the next 60seconds will be generated for you to use to finalize your pending transactions.

How can I activate my GTBank token without ATM?

Dial *737#, then type 10 for PIN, then 2 for Create PIN – No Debit Card, then follow the instruction.

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What is token in online banking?

What is a token? In the banking industry, a token is a security device (hardware) or application (software) that generates a unique code used in two-factor authentication (2FA) for transactions. The hard token is typically acquired from the bank’s premises, while the soft token is downloadable from multiple platforms.

How do I change my GTB token to PIN?

Please note that you can always switch between PIN or token at any time by simply going to the Settings Menu of the mobile app. A 5-digit secure code will be sent to your registered mobile phone via SMS to verify your device.

How do I register for tokens online?

Select the Hardware Token method. Then enter the token serial and the OTP displayed in the HW Token screen. Enter the OTP code provided by your token application under the QRCode. And click on Register button.

What is my GTB token code?

Gtbank token codes are used to authorize internet banking transactions.

  1. Dial *737# on the sim card you activated mobile banking on.
  2. Then reply 11 for NEXT.
  3. Now choose 8 for generate token.
  4. Proceed and enter the required details to get your token.

Does GTB token expire?

Hi, Token does not expire but can get damaged if not properly handled.

What is my GTBank 737 PIN?

GTBank recently implemented the use of a Personalized Identification Number (PIN) for completing transactions on the 737 banking platform. This means that customers can now create a 4 – digit PIN and use this PIN to authenticate their transactions.

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How can I transfer money from GTBank without token?

So, How Do I Transfer Money from GTBank Without Token?

  1. Dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account No# from the mobile number registered with the Bank.
  2. Select recipient’s bank (FBN, Access, Zenith, UBA & DBN).
  3. Enter last four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard.
  4. Wait for the transaction to be completed.

How do I find my token number?

How to Retrieve/ Get the KPLC Token Number

  1. Dial *977# on your phone.
  2. Select Prepaid Services (Token)
  3. Select Latest Token.
  4. Select your Meter Number from the choices.
  5. The last three tokens for your selected Meter No. will be displayed.

What is token PIN?

Access bank token PIN is a unique personal identification number that is used to authenticate all transactions through your bank account. When you send money from your Access account to another account, you must enter your token PIN to approves the transaction before it can be completed.

Do you need a token to transfer money?

You need a Token for: Transferring money from your account to other banks. … The token always generates a random code for every transaction thereby making it impossible for another person to carry out online transactions from your account. There is no need to visit your bank (branch).