How long do OAuth tokens last?

By default, access tokens are valid for 60 days and programmatic refresh tokens are valid for a year. The member must reauthorize your application when refresh tokens expire.

How long does an authentication token last?

By default, an access token for a custom API is valid for 86400 seconds (24 hours). We recommend that you set the validity period of your token based on the security requirements of your API. For example, an access token that accesses a banking API should expire more quickly than one that accesses a to-do API.

How do I know if my OAuth token is expired?

The easiest way is to just try to call the service with it. It will reject it if it is expired and then you can request a new one. You can also keep the time you received the token and use the expires_in to calculate when it will approximately expire.

Should oauth tokens expire?

Developers strongly prefer access tokens that don’t expire, since it’s much less code to deal with. In order to help mitigate these concerns, services will often build the token refreshing logic into their SDK, so that the process is transparent to developers.

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Why should tokens expire?

The decision on the expiry is a trade-off between user ease and security. The length of the refresh token is related to the user return length, i.e. set the refresh to how often the user returns to your app. If the refresh token doesn’t expire the only way they are revoked is with an explicit revoke.

How do tokens expire?

Go to the Settings tab. Under Refresh Token Expiration, enable Absolute Expiration. When enabled, a refresh token will expire based on an absolute lifetime, after which the token can no longer be used.

How long does a salesforce token last?

As long as the app is in active use, the session won’t expire. Once the session is logged out, the timeout has elapsed, or it is otherwise expired (e.g. an administrator expires all sessions for the Connected App). There’s no way to know how long it will be until your session expires.

How can I get OAuth refresh token?

Get an Access Token Using the Refresh Token

  1. Call the /v2/oauth2/token endpoint and pass the refresh token along with these parameters.
  2. grant_type —Specify the string refresh_token .
  3. refresh_token —The refresh token you created.
  4. valid_for —Number of seconds until the access token expires. Default is 60 seconds.

How long should a bearer token be?

A valid bearer token (with active access_token or refresh_token properties) keeps the user’s authentication alive without requiring him or her to re-enter their credentials frequently. The access_token can be used for as long as it’s active, which is up to one hour after login or renewal.

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Do API tokens expire?

Tokens are valid for 30 days from creation or last use, so that the 30 day expiration automatically refreshes with each API call. Tokens that aren’t used for 30 days expire. The 30-day period is currently fixed and can’t be changed for your organization.

What if refresh token is stolen?

If the refresh token can be stolen, then so can the access token. With such an access token, the attacker can start making API calls. To make matters even more complicated, access tokens are often self-contained JWT tokens. Such tokens contain all the information needed for the API to make security decisions.

What is OAuth refresh token?

A Refresh Token is a central part of OAuth, and consequently, OpenID Connect. It is a kind of token that can be used to get additional access tokens. It is a sort of “token granting token” in that it can be sent to the OAuth server to obtain new ones. Refresh tokens can be thought of like a password of sorts.

How does OAuth refresh token work?

The Refresh Token grant type is used by clients to exchange a refresh token for an access token when the access token has expired. This allows clients to continue to have a valid access token without further interaction with the user.

How do I use OAuth refresh token?

To use the refresh token, make a POST request to the service’s token endpoint with grant_type=refresh_token , and include the refresh token as well as the client credentials if required.