How do you invalidate a Cognito token?

You can revoke a refresh token using the RevokeToken API operation. You can also use the aws cognito-idp revoke-token CLI command to revoke tokens. Finally, you can revoke tokens using the revocation endpoint. This endpoint is available after you add a domain to your user pool.

How do you invalidate a Cognito session?

Calling the LogOut endpoint will invalidate any session you had with the Hosted UI/ Oauth endpoints. Another option is to call globalSignOut [1] and this will invalidate all of the users Access and Refresh tokens (being used against the Cognito API).

How do you revoke a token?

To revoke a refresh token, send a POST request to https://YOUR_DOMAIN/oauth/revoke . The /oauth/revoke endpoint revokes the entire grant, not just a specific token. Use the /api/v2/device-credentials endpoint to revoke refresh tokens.

How do I revoke an AWS token?

Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the IAM console at .

  1. In the navigation pane, choose Roles, and then choose the name (not the check box) of the role whose permissions you want to revoke.
  2. On the Summary page for the selected role, choose the Revoke sessions tab.
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How do Cognito tokens expire?

By default, Amazon Cognito refresh tokens expire 30 days after a user signs in to a user pool. When you create an app, you can set the app’s refresh token expiration to any value between 60 minutes and 10 years.

How do you revoke a JWT?

The most common way to revoke access to resources protected by a JWT involves setting its duration to a short period of time and revoking the refresh token so that the user can’t generate a new token.

How do I use Cognito refresh token?

You can use the refresh token to retrieve new ID and access tokens. By default, the refresh token expires 30 days after your application user signs into your user pool. When you create an application for your user pool, you can set the application’s refresh token expiration to any value between 60 minutes and 10 years.

Can you revoke access tokens?

Token Database

If you store access tokens in a database, then it is relatively easy to revoke all tokens that belong to a particular user. … Assuming your resource server validates access tokens by looking them up in the database, then the next time the revoked client makes a request, their token will fail to validate.

What is token revoke?

A revoke token request causes the removal of the client permissions associated with the specified token used to access the user’s protected resources. … OAuth refresh tokens are tokens issued by the Authorization Server to the client that can be used to obtain a new access token.

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What does token revoked mean?

The Token Revocation extension defines a mechanism for clients to indicate to the authorization server that an access token is no longer needed. This is used to enable a “log out” feature in clients, allowing the authorization server to clean up any security credentials associated with the authorization.

How do I remove AWS CLI credentials?

To remove a setting, delete the corresponding setting in your config and credentials files. Run this command to quickly set and view your credentials, region, and output format. The following example shows sample values. You can set any credentials or configuration settings using aws configure set .

How do I disable AWS role?

Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the IAM console at .

  1. In the navigation pane, choose Roles, and then select the check box next to the role name that you want to delete.
  2. At the top of the page, choose Delete.

How do I disable AWS console?

Disable AWS Management Console access

  1. In the AWS Directory Service console navigation pane, choose Directories.
  2. On the Directories page, choose your directory ID.
  3. On the Directory details page, do one of the following: …
  4. Under the AWS Management Console section, choose Disable.

How long should refresh tokens live?

The Refresh token has a sliding window that is valid for 14 days and refresh token’s validity is for 90 days.

What is the difference between ID token and access token?

The ID Token is a security token granted by the OpenID Provider that contains information about an End-User. … Access tokens, on the other hand, are not intended to carry information about the user. They simply allow access to certain defined server resources.

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How long do AWS tokens last?

Credentials that are created by IAM users are valid for the duration that you specify. This duration can range from 900 seconds (15 minutes) up to a maximum of 129,600 seconds (36 hours), with a default of 43,200 seconds (12 hours).