How do I find my ClickBank ID?

What is ClickBank affiliate ID?

“Affiliate ID” is an alternate term for your Account Nickname. Some vendors use this term when explaining how to configure HopLinks.

Is ClickBank ID same as nickname?

Your ClickBank ID is the same thing as your ClickBank Account Nickname. For more information about your Account Nickname, check out this article.

Can I change my ClickBank ID?

ClickTip: Your account nickname cannot be changed once you have selected it. If you wish to change your nickname, you must sign up for a new ClickBank account and close your existing account.

How do I get ClickBank tracking ID?

Click the “Create” button. A HopLink appears, containing your nickname at the beginning of the link and your tracking ID at the end. Highlight and copy this link and then paste it into your website, blog or wherever else you want to promote the ClickBank product.

How do I find my affiliate ID?

Access your Amazon affiliate ID at any time.

  1. Visit the Amazon Affiliate website provided in the Sources section of this article and sign in with your email address and password.
  2. Look to the left side of the Amazon Associates website to obtain your affiliate ID, also indicated as your tracking ID.
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Why is my ClickBank account disabled?

Accounts are disabled for three reasons: You’re flagged as being someone’s ID who should be prevented from selling on our site; you have too many disputes, or your Clickbank account is banned.

How do I link my PayPal account to ClickBank?

Log in to your company’s PayPal account, click “Profile” to open the Profile page, and then click “Add or Update Bank Account.” Click “Add Bank” and enter the requested information, including the account and routing numbers from one of your business checks.

How do I change my ClickBank account name?

You can’t change your Clickbank name. You have to register a new account, that’s the only way.

Where is Account Settings in ClickBank?

Locate the horizontal navigation bar near the top of the screen and click the Account Settings tab. Clicking this tab directs you to the My Account page.

Does ClickBank work with PayPal?

Overview. PayPal® is a secure, digital payment platform available in over 200 markets around the world. ClickBank customers can purchase products using any major credit or debit card on the ClickBank order form. ClickBank Sellers can also add PayPal to the order form as an optional form of payment.

What is your ClickBank username?

Here’s how to find your ClickBank affiliate ID: Login into your ClickBank control panel. Click on Account Settings. Your Account Nickname is your Clickbank affiliate ID.

How do ClickBank links work?

A HOPLINK™ referral tracking URL (or HopLink for short) is a referral URL that links potential customers to a vendor’s landing page and it informs ClickBank which affiliate directed that traffic for commission purposes. … In this format, the vendor and affiliate account names are visible in the URL string.

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