How do I assign tokens to foundry VTT?

Where do I put a token in foundry?

Placed Tokens

To configure a placed Token, right click on the Token to display the Token HUD and click the gear icon to open that Token’s configuration sheet, or double right-click the token.

How do you target a token in foundry?

Target tokens while on any layer with Alt+Click. Target all tokens in an AoE while on any layer by Alt+Clicking inside its area. You can configure a keyboard command to clear all targets (default Alt+Shift+C).

How do I add assets to foundry VTT?

You may wish to add assets to an existing battle map or even create one from scratch. You can do this with your Tile Browser – simply drag and drop them from your Tile Browser into the scene. It’s also possible to drag-and-drop them from your computer into a scene with the help of a module.

How do I add an image to a foundry VTT?

Use the File Browser. by clicking the folder icon in the tool palette you will be shown a File Picker where you can drag and drop image assets onto the Scene to create Tiles.

Can players edit tokens Roll20?

Tokens are the main thing you move around the tabletop, and they can be independent, or linked to a Character. Only GMs can create & move new token to the tabletop or edit their deeper settings, while players can move around tokens assigned to them, and edit the name & bubbles of the token.

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How do I open character sheet from token?

Open character sheet from token: By selecting the token an doing Alt + Double-Click, you can open a linked character sheet from a token.

How do I delete tokens in foundry?

Place an actor in a scene. Toggle that token’s combat state to on. Delete the token from the scene.

How do you assign a player to a player on Foundry VTT?

Once you’ve created an actor, you’ll need to assign them to a player! Right click on an actor you’ve created and select “Configure Permissions.” From the menu that appears you can choose how all players interact with the actor (by default they cannot), and select how individual users interact with the actor.

What does Foundry VTT do?

Foundry VTT is a standalone application built for experiencing multiplayer tabletop RPGs using a feature-rich and modern self-hosted application where your players connect directly through the browser.

Can I share foundry VTT?

You may share the software and its license key with a friend or family member provided the other terms of the license are upheld. You may, within 30 days of purchase, permanently transfer your license to another party who will become bound by this agreement.