How can I get TDS token number online?

Steps to Download Provisional Receipt Number from the Income Tax e-Filing Portal. Visit the Income Tax e-Filing Portal and Log into your Account. Select the TDS > View Filed TDS option from the dashboard. Click on the Token Number.

How can I know my TDS token number?

When you file your TDS Return, you will get a confirmation Statement of TDS under section 200 (3). This statement contains your token number (Provisional Receipt Number) — a 15-digit number that you need to store securely. The Token Number is required for: Downloading Form 16 or Form 16A from TRACES.

How can I get duplicate PRN No of TDS return?

Get a Copy of Provisional Receipt Number. You can get a duplicate copy of your Provisional Receipt Number online. Based on whether you filed the Form 24G through TIN Facilitation Centre or the Accounts Office, the number can either be obtained from NSDL or downloaded in the AO account.

How can I download TDS certificate?

Step – 1 Send Request For Tds Certificate

  1. Enter User ID and Password then login.
  2. Click Download Button.
  3. Form 16A.
  4. Fill all details and click go button.
  5. Click Submit Button.
  6. Fill Details and click submit button.
  7. Fill Details and click Proceed With Transaction.
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How can I download TDS receipt?

Please click here Request for duplicate provisional receipt for requesting duplicate Provisional receipt. You can raise a request for the same online. Corresponding duplicate receipt will be sent to email ID as per the latest TDS/TCS statement submitted at TIN Facilitation Centres or Online filing at NSDL e-Gov.

How can I download TDS return Acknowledgement?

How to download TDS return acknowledgement from TRACES?

  1. Now login using your User ID, password, TAN/ PAN details.
  2. Enter CAPTCHA.
  3. Click on Login.
  4. On the bar above, you will find an option stating ‘Statements/ Payments’ click on it.
  5. Now click on statement status option.

What is Form 24G?

Form 24G is a form that is required to be filled by the Pay and Accounts Office (PAO)/ District Treasury Office (DTO)/ Cheque Drawing and Disbursing Office (CDDO) (CDDO in case of Central Government only), as per Income-tax Department Notification no. 41/2010 dated May 31, 2010.

What is PRN number in TDS?

A unique 15-digit provisional receipt number (PRN) is issued along with every provisional receipt. This receipt number will be regarded as the future reference for the return of that particular quarter of the financial year.

How can I check my TDS online?

Check TDS Online

  1. Step 1: Go to
  2. Step 2: Register and Login to the portal.
  3. Step 3: Go to ‘My Account’ tab and click on view Form 26AS (Tax Credit)
  4. Step 4: Select year and PDF format to download the file and proceed further.
  5. Step 5: Open the downloaded file.

How can I open TDS certificate in PDF?

Password for Opening ITR Acknowledgement Form

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The password to open ITR-V (acknowledgement document) is a combination of your PAN (in lowercase) and Date of Birth in DDMMYYYY format.

How can I get TDS Challan BSR Code?

7 digits BSR Code allotted by RBI to the bank branch where tax is deposited. Date of presentation of the challan (DD/MM/YY) 5 digits serial number of Challan in that bank branch on that day.

Collecting Bank Branch

  1. Challan Serial Number.
  2. Challan Tender Date.
  3. PAN/TAN.
  4. Name of Taxpayer.
  5. Amount.
  6. Date of receipt by TIN.