Frequent question: What do I do with old RSA tokens?

How do I dispose of RSA tokens?

A3: For Domestic US users: Replaced RSA Tokens should be turned into your local TSG/CTSG representative for disposal; For Corporate IS Users: Replaced RSA Tokens should be turned into your local Campus representative for disposal; Tokens will be recycled via the UPS E-Recycling Program.

Can you reuse RSA tokens?

Take the token to the JSC RSA Support representatives at Bldg 8. The RSA RA’s will determine if it needs to be replaced. If the token needs replacement, a new token will be issued. If not, they will get it working again (physical operation issues only).

Can I have 2 RSA tokens?

You can store one or multiple RSA SecurID soft tokens on your computer.

How do you dispose of hardware tokens?

Given the size of the token, it is safe to dispose it in a regular non secured e-waste bin.

Does RSA token have battery?

Batteries in these devices usually last for 6 years so I wouldn’t worry about it. Having worked extensively with the RSA SecurID tokens and other similar devices for non-game uses, I can tell you that the battery will last a LOOOONG time. Years, in fact. Now, if they do die or malfunction, they are replacable.

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How do I transfer my RSA token to another computer?


  1. Login to the Security Console.
  2. Click Authentication > SecurID Tokens > Manage Existing.
  3. Use the search fields to find the tokens that you want to replace.
  4. Select the checkbox for the tokens that you want to replace.
  5. From the Action menu, click Replace SecurID Tokens.
  6. Click Go.

How long does RSA token battery last?

Also, hardware token batteries have a limited life and cannot be recharged, with the typical lifespan being between three and five years.

How do I know when my RSA token expires?

The expiry date can be seen on the reverse of the token etched into the casing (MM/DD/YY). When the token expires, the word “OFF” shows on the display (or the display will simply be blank). For software tokens the expiry date can be viewed from within the RSA SecurID app.

How do I transfer my RSA token to my new phone?

Does anyone know how to transfer RSA secure ID token App on your original phone to your new phone? You can use the service portal. Find the link to the RSA website. You add a new token on the RSA website and it will give you a QR code you can use with the rsa app on the new phone.

Can I have my RSA soft token installed on multiple devices?

A software SecurID token is an application that runs on your Smartphone, or device e.g. iPad. You can have it installed on more than one device.

What e-waste can be recycled?

The types of e-waste accepted include printers, computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, network equipment, set-top boxes, and desktop monitors), light bulbs and portable batteries for recycling.

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How do I dispose of rechargeable batteries?

Yes, rechargeable batteries can, and should be, recycled, usually at no cost to you. Where to recycle rechargeable batteries: Home improvement or office supply stores often accept these products for recycling by hosting a drop box from an organization like Call2Recycle. Find a drop box to recycle batteries near you.

What happens to e-waste Singapore?

In Singapore, e-waste that is not recycled is incinerated, which results in the loss of resources as well as in carbon emissions, contributing to global warming and climate change. … Heavy metals in the e-waste incinerated also contaminate the incineration ash which is landfilled at Semakau Landfill.