Does Cognito support IdP initiated SSO?

1 Answer. From the Amazon Developer Forums: “Cognito User Pools do not currently support the IdP-initiated SAML flow.” If you are able to use Open-ID rather than SAML you will be able to overcome this issue.

Is AWS Cognito a SAML IdP?

The IdP POSTs the SAML assertion to the Amazon Cognito service. After verifying the SAML assertion and collecting the user attributes (claims) from the assertion, Amazon Cognito internally creates or updates the user’s profile in the user pool. Amazon Cognito returns OIDC tokens to the app for the now signed-in user.

Does Cognito provide SSO?

Your user pool acts as a service provider (SP) on behalf of your application. Amazon Cognito supports SP-initiated single sign-on (SSO) as described in section 5.1.

How does SSO work with IdP?

Identity Provider (IdP) initiated SSO involves the user clicking on a button in the IdP, and then being forwarded to a SP along with a SAML message containing an assertion. This flow would typically be initiated by a page within the IdP that shows a list of all available SPs that a user can login to.

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Is IdP the same as SSO?

Even though they are separate, IdPs are an essential part of the SSO login process. SSO providers check user identity with the IdP when users log in. Once that is done, the SSO can verify user identity with any number of connected cloud applications.

How do I use AWS Cognito as IdP?

Allowing users to sign in using an OpenID Connect (OIDC) identity provider

  1. Go to the Amazon Cognito console . …
  2. Choose Manage User Pools.
  3. Choose an existing user pool from the list, or create a user pool.
  4. On the left navigation bar, choose Identity providers.
  5. Choose OpenId Connect.
  6. Enter a unique name into Provider name.

What is SP initiated and IdP-initiated?

IdP-Initiated vs SP-Initiated

What’s unique about the SP-initiated login is a SAML request. An IdP-initiated login starts with the user first navigating to the IdP (typically a login page or dashboard), and then going to the SP with a SAML assertion.

Is Cognito an OAuth?

In addition to using the Amazon Cognito-specific user APIs to authenticate users, Amazon Cognito user pools also support the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework for authenticating users.

What is Cognito mean?

1 : the philosophical principle that one’s existence is demonstrated by the fact that one thinks. 2 : the intellectual processes of the self or ego.

What is SAML IdP and SP?

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an open standard that allows identity providers (IdP) to pass authorization credentials to service providers (SP). … SAML is the link between the authentication of a user’s identity and the authorization to use a service.

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What is the difference between SP and IdP initiated SSO?

SP-Initiated Login

The request to login is initiated through your application for which you want to access. The IdP determines if the Windows session exists and gets the credentials of the currently logged-in user.

What is IdP initiated login?

In an IdP initiated login, a user gains access to the IdP site first and then clicks on one of the services provided by the remote Service Provider (SP). After the user selects the required service, the IdP initiates the authentication process.

What is IdP authentication?

An identity provider (abbreviated IdP or IDP) is a system entity that creates, maintains, and manages identity information for principals and also provides authentication services to relying applications within a federation or distributed network. Identity providers offer user authentication as a service.

What is ADFS IdP?

A SAML 2.0 identity provider (IDP) can take many forms, one of which is a self-hosted Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) server. ADFS is a service provided by Microsoft as a standard role for Windows Server that provides a web login using existing Active Directory credentials.

Is Active Directory an IdP?

Generally, most IdPs are Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or OpenLDAP implementations. IdPs fall into a much larger space, however, one called identity management.

What is IdP setup?

In order to specify ZPA as a service provider (SP) for your identity provider (IdP): … Set up your IdP and specify ZPA as the SP. Before you can add an IdP configuration using the ZPA Admin Portal, you must have the IdP in place for your organization.

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