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http://coveryourprivacy.com is a personal website that contains reviews on many products or services of respective retailer VPN companies or firms and I receive certain amount of commission from those companies whose products I review only when my visitors click on the link that redirects them to their respective websites and make final purchase. I have tested the performance of each product/service and written its detail review.  All the opinions expressed here are my own based on my self experience and trust only. I also can not guarantee about their products and services. It is up to you whether on not you choose to buy them.

All visitors of this website who would like to purchase any VPN Service from here should follow the codes of humanity & rights and completely avoid all forms of criminal or offensive activities which might harm any human being or destroy human rights of any kind. For example: none should use these VPNs for implementing any kind of terrorist activity, hacking others properties or copyright things, theft, robbery etc. If anyone is directly or indirectly involved in such activities by using the VPN-services from the above list ‘Best VPN service’, s/he will be liable for her/his offense/crime. So, you are solely responsible for your own actions. You can use these VPN services for good purposes, but not for the purpose of harming people or right of them.